Analogue collage sculpture with root, 30-40's photographs, gold thread and antique frame.

Arte y Aparte_en
About This Project

This collection works with the idea of ethereal collages that combine various elements such as roots, photographs from the 30s and 40s and antique frames meticulously searched for in flea markets.

The story is told in a random way that is unfolded through the contact of these three elements: a frame that seeks a story, a tiny image that evokes an experience and a root that guides it.

Instinct guides me in the selection of materials and, in this way, the casual encounter between the images ends up looking for its place in a frame -sometimes defective, others overcome by rust, others simply old- that hangs from a dry root on which some color are drawn.


The approximate size in centimeters of this piece is:

Height: 43

Width: 30

Depth: 20

The size of the frame is 10.5